What Is All About?

The methodology of Dabbas is a universal approach that can be customised to any business activity or industry.

We developed our methodology as a meta-methodology that capitalises our expertise during the last 17 years and produces across the progress of our know-how.

As a contribution, we always offer to organise the project as a real system that we bring together depending on 3 sub-systems that must consistently contribute to the achievement of project objectives.

Dabbas co.’s meta-methodology consists of three sub systems:

The Steering or Governance sub-system

is articulated around 2 or more committees depending on the context: A Project Monitoring Committee (chaired by Project Manager) and a Steering Committee (chaired by Project Director of the client). It is here to found the project steering committee. The definitions of these committees and their purpose are reflected in the methodology Dabbas and are deliberately not mentioned here.

Operative sub-system

That represents the division of project into phases, steps, tasks and milestones will effectively monitor the progress of the project and assume its success. The details of the "production cycle" will be fully incorporated into any project monitoring tool such as PSNext, MS Project or another one to form the project schedule.

Business Tools sub-system

Gathering all technical and technological means available to the Project Manager in order to facilitate its mission that represents in fact, a large "toolbox".

To summarise, these three sub-systems grouped in a Project System, must “compete” to achieve the objectives set by the Project Owner.