Logo & Slogan

Our Approach Serves Your Success

Our design team will research for the meaning of words and icons that might be used to describe your idea so they can begin illustrations by hand which are symbolic of what you want the design to represent, these sketches will serve as the creative inspiration behind the logo design that will be created for your brand, and in order to do so our team will work tirelessly with you so that all of your needs are met and the final logo will be the perfect demonstration.

Our Approach Serves Your Success is our slogan that presents the aim of our team to help you achieve your success. In addition to assist your company to develop your objectives, we share our know-how, experience and methodologies to serve your aim.

Dabbas is the abbreviation of five words that represent our 5 mains steps:

  • Guide
  • Administrate
  • Master
  • Inform
  • Satisfy

These five concepts will be in the service of your company to improve the quality of your projects and the performance of your firm.