we a company who aimed to create powerful brands

Brand vision

The first step to being a global brand starts with the mindset. The vision and the mission of the company should be to operate on a global level and every activity it undertakes should be a step towards realising that goal. Being a global brand should be ingrained in the DNA of the company and its culture and from its early days a company should constantly and consistently strive to achieve it. This would mean your product, services, processes and systems are configured in such a way that being ‘Global’ is a key phrase for the organisation. 

Get the board involved in developing strategy – Having a vision and mission is one thing and executing it is another. Lofty ambitions would be of little use if strategies and plans are not drawn to achieve it. To be a global brand clear, rational, actionable strategy is needed and each activity must be aligned to it. Merely getting your marketing and branding team to execute your plans is also not enough. To be a global brand an organisation needs to get all the help it can and getting the board involved may be prudent. The collective wisdom of the board can always help enhance the strategy and at the same time ensure that everyone from the top to the bottom within the organisation knows about the focus to be a global brand. Chalking strategy and getting the board involved means that actions are long term in nature and not ad hoc. Action a global implementation strategy: Brand building starts with a vision, but does not end there.

The same positioning

Strong brands are created when the positioning is the same throughout the world. This ensures customers across the globe relate to one company and can expect the same levels of standards. If you position your product or service in one country as premium and sophisticated, it will be of little help if it’s positioned as a mass-market product or service in another. Every successful and well known global brand has successfully managed to create one strong brand identity. This also has the added advantage that one marketing campaign can be used in multiple geographies, something the global car companies do very well.

Understand the Customers

Customers are always at the centre of every brand or service and it would be impossible to be a global brand without understanding customers. Customers across countries will have similarities and some differences. For example, customers across countries want their product or service to be good, reliable and efficient. However, there will be differences in aspects like colour, fashion, importance, utility among others. For a brand to be global, a company has to look at each market very closely and understand what consumers want.

Understand the market

Understanding the customer is one part, but it is essential to know the market in each country. Consumers shop for things very differently in each country. For example, how we buy vegetables in India is different from that in the US. Similarly, a lot of products and services are made available to customers through different channels. In some countries e-commerce may be very popular and in other e-commerce can be frowned upon. To be a global brand, a company needs to understand the idiosyncrasies of each market and then develop its strategies.