The most Necessary and important documents for Customs Clearance

Necessary documents for import or export procedures:

  • CMR, AWB or BL,
  • Commercial Invoice (original),
  • Transportation invoice,
  • Power of Attorney (original),
  • Certificate of Origin (original) (EUR certificate, invoice – declaration)
  • A document of the Sanitary border inspection, if necessary (for toys, food etc.),
  • Import or export licenses, if necessary (textiles, strategic goods, medicals etc.),
  • Documents approving a reduced VAT rate for goods that if necessary (e.g. Certificate from Ministry of Health),
  • Customs Broker Services Order.


Necessary documents for transit customs procedures:  

  • Power of Attorney (original),
  • CMR, AWB or BL,
  • Commercial Invoice (original),
  • Customs Transit Services Order,
  • Guarantee policy (if the client uses its own transport).


The Commercial Invoice must contain:

  • Sender, name, address,
  • Consignee, name, address,
  • Consumer, address, if it’s not the consignee,
  • Delivery address,
  • Invoice number and date,
  • Type/title and description of goods,
  • Commodity code,
  • Commodity net and gross weight,
  • Quantity of items,
  • Price of one item,
  • Value and currency of commodities/goods,
  • Quantity of transportation packaging,
  • Terms of delivery (According to Income terms),
  • Invoice/declaration AED, ED (up till 7000€) – confirmation of the origin of goods’, if an origin certificate is missing (EUR1, ATR, Origin).