Our Mission

Is to create added-value to the business of our clients across the performance, the innovation and the agility of our contribution.

Our Mission Is to build more powerful brands, Set the new target for our experts by delivering efficient Information Systems, Information technology services, solutions across commitment and excellence by identifying customer’s aims and assisting clients to meet those objectives to their benefit. Our solid belief in integrity and respect for others permits us to offer the highest client services quality and develop long-term relationships with our clients and partners.

To design and implement innovative strategies and consistent solutions that drive continuous growth and sustainable performance excellence of its clients through increased development, higher productivity, reduced operational costs, and optimised business processes.

Our management performance keys are centric around demands that we make an absolute commitment to optimisation in our efficiency. We will achieve our mission by spotting these concepts:

    • We commit to client satisfaction as our most imperative business goal.
    • We believe that Dabbas’s accomplishments are the work of the people who comprise it. We encourage initiative, recognise individual involvement, and embrace respect and encourage objectivity.
    • We require the highest standards of professionalism, managerial and technical competence from our consultants.
    • We always maintain standards of ethics whenever conducting and operating a business at all times respecting the laws of the client’s country.

Dabbas drives added-value through the integration of:

    • Firm’s General Policy and Strategy 
    • Operational and strategic Master Plan
    • Business Management Assistance 
    • Project Management Assistance
    • Organisational Development
    • Implementation of Quality standards

The mission of Dabbas is to be efficient leader by delivering technology-enabled business solutions and consulting services.

Dabbas offers an initial meeting in order to identify your requirements. Through the meeting client needs to deliver an outlook of his business in order to allow us to provide him a proposal covering how Dabbas's Team can assist him to meet his requirements. Dabbas will define to clients then the required approach that should be applied to achieve client’s objective.

Dabbas is highly flexible and competitive and can be negotiated on either a time or project basis allowing efficiency and transparency in the pricing process. Projects could also be scoped according to client’s budget, thus enabling end-to-end implementations at a level of detail suitable for client’s business with optimal added-value.

Succeeding approval of our proposal, generally, the client conducts the following process. However, this may vary depending on the specificity of projects:

    • Business Requirements Definition and Assessment,
    • General Analysis, 
    • Detailed Analysis,
    • Recommendations,
    • Action Planning and Assignment of Responsibilities,
    • Project Planning and Scheduling,
    • Establishment of Quality Assurance Plan (QAP),
    • Project Implementation,
    • Monitoring and Scheduling of Continuous Assessment.
    • Project Assessment.

According the nature and the context of projects, business analysis, systems analysis and documentation projects are likely to seek a different approach; this will be detailed in full in any requested proposal.