Our Methodology

Offers of Dabbas stem directly from the skills of its experts.

Our motivation is primarily to serve and to provide our client-partners of sustainable competitive advantages. The word service has to be taken here in its generic meaning, i.e. that

“men are willing to put their Experience and Know-How, to other men who hope to benefit.”

Dabbas is defined as a company whose mission is to help Enterprises, Organisations and Boards, in their methodological changing.

Whatever the mission in which it operates, Dabbas co. always puts out its 13 steps-approach which involves:

    1. Establish Steering Mission
    2. Choose Target
    3. Develop Strategy
    4. Defining the Best Trajectory
    5. Simulate Process
    6. Assessing Risks
    7. Run Operation 
    8. Correct Discrepancies
    9. Change The Path
    10. Modify Goal
    11. Measuring Progress
    12. Evaluation and Revision
    13. Identify the Following Objective

This universal approach, which applies to all methods and all the businesses concerned, represents the proctology of Dabbas company

5 Steps to Satisfaction

We assist you to plan your path and to organise your business and your IS. We guarantee the best results by applying our approach and expertise to serve the certain success of your projects.

We consider that our main mission is to help you to control and govern your business to be able to supervise your projects.

We believe that the essential service that Dabbas co. should offer to your company is to help you master your business and your management, as well as we do across the progress of our projects. We warrantee the transfer of our knowledge, our know-how and our expertise to your organisation to assist you through the evolution of your work

We believe that the transparency is the most important principal and the key concept of the work; therefore, Dabbas co. keep you up to date during the progress of your projects. 

The core objective of Dabbas is client’s satisfaction. Our policy privilege the interest of the client even though there is a conflict between the client’s interest and our interest, the interest of client comes first.