About Dabbas co.

We Provide business to business Trading, Consulting, formation, Branding and commercial services.

Dabbas Provides business to business Services. 

We are an Information Systems Consulting firm which provides a Business Advisory services, technology solutions, formation, Branding, and outsourcing services; Applying a set of proven methodologies, extensive experiences and knowledge-base that formed our know-how through a huge number of projects within various industries. Dabbas assists clients to upraise their business performance across the alignment of business best-practices and technology application.

Through our suite of adapted services, we maintain a pragmatic and systematic approach across the whole life cycle of performed projects, ensuring that our implementations meet the vigorous demands of the market and different business environments that we cover.

Dabbas has extensive relationships with the world’s leading companies and governments and works with organisations of all sizes. Our commitment to client satisfaction strengthens and extends our relationships. 

Our team of international experts 

Global experts working with development finance institutions around the world on a wide range of challenges, from strategy and governance to the design and marketing of financial instruments. We combine senior expertise with data-driven insights and customised advisory services to help our clients realise their full potential as catalysts for development, trade, and economic growth.

Why clients recommend us! 

We combine unparalleled expertise and thought the leadership on trade and development finance with practical hands-on experience.